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Delight Your Taste Buds With Our Rice Vermicelli

PB Pho & Grill in San Diego, California features rice vermicelli, fried rice, and rice plates on our extensive menu, as well as stir-fried rice noodles. Most can be served with meat or strictly vegetarian.

Rice Vermicelli

All rice vermicelli noodles are garnished with shredded lettuce, cucumbers, and bean sprouts. They also come with mint, pickled carrots, daikon, roasted peanuts, and a cup of vinaigrette fish sauce on the side unless otherwise specified. Our dishes include:

25. Special Combo... $9.99 (Egg Rolls, Grilled Pork, & Shrimp) 26. Egg Rolls & Grilled Shrimp... $9.49
27. Egg Rolls & Grilled Beef or Chicken or Pork... $9.49 28. Grilled Shrimp & Chicken or Beef or             Pork... $9.49
29. Grilled Beef or Chicken or Pork... $9.49 30. Vegetables & Tofu... $9.49
Egg Rolls

Combination Fried Rice

Fried Rice

We have several types of fried rice. They are good for sharing or having alone as your main meal followed by one of our famous smoothies. Our selections include:

45. Vegetables & Tofu Fried Rice... $9.49 46. Combination Fried Rice (Shrimp, Beef & Chicken)... $9.49
47. Shrimp Fried Rice... $9.99 48. Beef Or Chicken Fried Rice... $9.49

Rice Plates

All rice dishes are served with steamed rice, lettuce, and tomato. They also come with cucumber, pickled carrots, and daikon. Choose from:

31. Sizzling Beef Steak with Syeam Rice... $12.99 32. Combo... $9.99 (Grilled Shrimp,             Beef & Egg Rolls)
33. Grilled Chicken... $9.49 34. Grilled Beef... $9.49
35. Grilled Pork... $9.49 36. Cubed Beef Marinated with                     house special sauce... $12.99
Combo Grilled Shrimp, Beef, & Egg Rolls

Combination (Beef, Chicken, & Shrimp)

Stir-Fried Rice Noodle

Our stir-fried rice noodles come with mushrooms, carrots, and baby corn. They also come with bean sprouts and broccoli. You have a choice of:

37. Combination (Beef, Chicken, & Shrimp)... $9.99 38. House Special Seafood... $9.99
39. Shrimp... $9.99 40. Beef Or Chicken... $9.99

41. Tofu & Assorted Vegetables... $9.99

42. Seafood Egg Noodle... $9.99

43. Egg Noodle with Beef or Chicken or Pork... $9.99

44. Tofu Egg Noodle... $9.99